Updated Mobile Settings Not Showing Conversions in Adwords

Posted on: February 23, 2013

I have updated a few of my client’s account to test out the new Adwords enhanced systems and some of the new features. The more I play around with it the more I get what Google was doing but more importantly, how we are going to use it to our advantage.

One of these new features include more granular statistics. The truth is, its not actually more granular, it’s just easier to access and look a lot better to the average user. If you knew where to look, then you will find it and that’s where Enhanced Adwords come in, the interface show you the information in a clear on concise manner without having to click through hoops. But this is the key, Google shows you information they want you to see, not the information you need to see. This became apparent quite early when I was analysing some data. See the image below:

Enhanced Adwords Settings

Ok so now lets customise the columns to see some good conversion data.

Enhanced Adwords column conversions customisation

See what’s missing here? All we can see using this new part of the interface is Performance metrics. In order to measure the effectiveness of the campaign shouldn’t we be able to view conversion data? Impression share? Something I can really work with? No, nothing really there other than clicks, impressions and the basic info which tells me very little about how well the campaign is performing.

This is the new interface Google wants advertisers to use. Here is the interesting part; the data is still there if you want to find it and you are prepared to look a little. It can be found in the Segments filter in most types of reports you want to generate. This is a relatively advanced way of analysis and Google may know that these areas are not that widely understood by the broader Adwords advertiser base. Using the above example this is how I would prefer to analyse the data:

Adwords Segment Report for Device

This is more like it and the information we can use here is invaluable when it comes to working out bid adjustments for mobile.

Giving advertisers the current information only really tells one part of the story and I can only guess that Google doesn’t yet want to give out this information so easily. By making it a little tricky to find people will go by Google’s preferred numbers and hopefully spend more on mobile. Generally, mobiles convert quite well for a lot of industries so there is the other argument that Google just wants people to try it, witness results first hand (calls/leads/$$ into the business) and then continue to spend on mobile.

I like real and comprehensive data, so I’ll be sticking to the old methods of analysis for now, but it would be nice to have it all there, easy to read but at least they didn’t take the information away from us.

William Bakhos is an SEO and Adwords professional and has been implementing best practice online marketing initiatives since 2004. Along with consulting to National and International companies and digital teams, William is the founder of the Web Marketers Crew, a Sydney based optimisation and online strategy company.

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