Geo Targeted Search Volumes Available in Keyword Planner

Posted on: May 27, 2013

One of the gripes I had with the original Keyword tool was the inability to effectively work out how much search volume was available for certain cities and specific regions. The tool would only gave you country specific data, however with the release of Google’s Keyword planner, you can now break down search volume by city and region.

Keyword Planner Geo Targeting

For example if I wanted to get an estimate for how many people were searching for ‘Logo Design’ in Sydney, I can now use the Keyword planner to get this data. The difference in volume is quite significant. Using search volume in Sydney alone, gives us an exact match volume of 2900. Changing this to Australia targeting then that number grows significantly to 9900. Previously, we could only report the 2900, but now we can get more specific.


We’ve established that the Keyword Planner is a great tool to use to bring together all the keyword data all in one place. However there are inconsistencies between the Keyword Planner and the Keyword tool. For the same search in the keyword tool (Australia wide) the search volume is around 8100. I will look into why there is a variation in the numbers.

William Bakhos is an SEO and Adwords professional and has been implementing best practice online marketing initiatives since 2004. Along with consulting to National and International companies and digital teams, William is the founder of the Web Marketers Crew, a Sydney based optimisation and online strategy company.

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