Chrome Moving to Secure Search

Posted on: January 19, 2013

Get ready to see another increase in those frustrating (not provided) keyword sources. Chrome is now set to move into secure search with the launch of Chrome 25. So now that’s Google users, Firefox users, Safari and soon to be Chrome.

As a business move this makes perfect sense for Google. It forces web masters to see valuable traffic by pushing them into paid search where all traffic queries are there for all (paying) to see. This means more money in the Google bank balance and best of all user experience is not affected at all. So Win win to Google.

What does this mean for your business?

There is no doubt that different industries will feel a different level and scope of change. This has always been the case where we see technological and more tech savvy based business having a higher secure search issue than business which are less tech savvy or are traditional bricks and mortar based businesses relying a lot on local traffic. Research has shown that younger and more tech savvy users tend to favour Firefox and Chrome compared to the more traditionally popular Internet Explorer. Considering Chrome now tops the list of most popular browsers, this can prove a major problem for some businesses.

The local cafe or butcher on the other hand, may not feel as prominent an effect. What we do know is that IE sits in a precarious position.. Do they the try and take on the other browsers and stick to their guns as they always have or do they join the fold where we could possible get a 100% Not Provided traffic source? I doubt this simple due to one word. Bing.

Never say never though.

William Bakhos is an SEO and Adwords professional and has been implementing best practice online marketing initiatives since 2004. Along with consulting to National and International companies and digital teams, William is the founder of the Web Marketers Crew, a Sydney based optimisation and online strategy company.

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